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Agripreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture Business

Krishi Gurukulam

Best Online Courses on Agriculture, Farming, Agripreneurship and allied subjects. Learn-Practice-Earn mode.

Innovative Education, Activity Based Learning

Nalanda Gurukulam

Activity Based Tools  & Pedagogy for Kids & Teachers for stress free learning & teaching.

Life Skills, Soft Skills, Disaster Management, Safety

kaushal Gurukulam

Best online courses on Life Skills, Soft Skills, Language Skills, Disaster Management, Safety  for individuals & institutions.

Vision Statement

  • Playing a pivotal role globally in the knowledge & skills domains of Agriculture, Rural Development, Innovative Education, Disaster Management, Life & Soft Skills.
  • Inculcating a pro-active culture of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Sustainable Development among policy makers, administrators, executors & communities.
  • Self reliant farmers and villages.
  • Quality Education in line with New Education Policy (NEP-2020) to every child to develop scientific approach in them.

Mission Statement

  • To get evolved as a premier Training and Research institution with global recognition on Agriculture, Rural Development, Innovative Education, Disaster Management, Life & Soft Skills, climate change adaptation and sustainable development.
  • To develop workable & practical tools and solutions for implementing the policies and plans on Agriculture, rural development, education, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation & sustainable development framed by the Govt through partnerships with Govts and global agencies/organizations working in these area.
  • Upgrading 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) schools to "Disaster Prepared School" for ensuring education in safe environment through preparation of functional Disaster Management Plan for schools.
  • Developing 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) CEOs for managing 2.50 Lacs "Village Inc" (Village Enterprise) for managing business of rural India as an entrepreneur to ensure at least 10X Scaling up of the business potential of each village in India and for providing 360 degree door step solutions to farmers for increasing their income as well as for integrated village development.
  • To revolutionise Primary or Elementary education delivery system focusing on learning outcome through development of pre-sicentific temperament among children. To develop 0.25 Million (2.50 Lacs) Innovative Schools in 2.50 Lacs villages in India.

Quality Policy

We are committed towards the satisfaction & success of clients in particular & humanity in general by consistently:

  • being transparent & honest to establish mutual understanding & trust,
  • ensuring timely execution/ delivery of quality services as per clients’ requirements,
  • pursuing global standards of excellence in all  endeavours,
  • remaining accountable in core and support functions through self-evaluation and continuous improvement

Domains of our working

Sustainable Agriculture 
Integrated Village Development
Quality Innovative Education
Skill Development
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Environment and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)
Sustainable Development

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