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Bharat needs 2.50 Lacs CEOs who could lead the business or enterprise of villages in our country just like CEO of any other company/Industry/Business.


Bharat has approximately 2.50 (0.25 million) Lacs Gram Panchayats and above 7 Lacs (0.70 million) villages.

Each village is a centre of economic activities but irony is that despite being an economic activity hub, each village is divided into many enterprises (each farmer is an independent entrepreneur) and except production, entire business cycle is either controlled by outside individuals or organizations/entities. 

Any business or enterprise is likely to be in losses or under performance that does not have capability to handle various business functions. Same is the fate of our villages and farmers and this is the root cause of all problems related with Village Development. 

In our villages, except production and that too without any direction or plan or strategy, other business functions like purchase, quality, processing, packaging, branding, marketing, sales, finance, accounts, logistics, maintenance, human resource development etc are not being managed at village level. This needs to be understood and visualized well. And to do this, our villages need CEOs.

Village Inc CEO Concept

If we are really serious and are looking for some sustainable intervention to catalyze the village development and its prosperity with a quantum qualitative and quantitative jump then we must consider each village a single business or enterprising hub and accordingly we should develop it as a well organized and managed single business unit.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted economic activities adversely throughout the globe and India is also severely impacted. The nature and the gravity of the pandemic has forced millions of migrant labourers and workers to go back to their native places (villages or small towns/Kasbas) with very high degree of uncertainty on livelihood continuation. The norms of social distancing, prolonged lockdown periods (especially in high population density areas in cities or business hubs) and other protocols to contain the pandemic and also to avoid its recurrence in future will definitely adversely impact the resumption or continuation of livelihood opportunities and options at places where these migrant human resources were engaged before COVID-19. Adverse impacts on industries and businesses due to prolonged lockdown will also result in livelihood loss. It is also very likely that the business processes and system will also get modified in coming future to fit the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic further aggravating the employment situation. Last but not the least, migrant labourers and workers themselves or on family pressure may not like to return to cities for the safety of life in case COVID recurs in future.

In all, creation of livelihood and sustenance opportunities at native place or village is the need of the hour and Agriculture and related rural livelihood or economic opportunities seems the most prudent and sustainable option. 

In agriculture and other related livelihood options (animal husbandry, horticulture, floriculture, food processing etc) there are already many silver linings and success models in the country. The only thing needed is the speedy and effective replication, extension and implementation of those success models with 360 degree integration. 

It also seems the only area where a large number of migrant human resources can be engaged in sustainable livelihood options in hygienic work conditions and close to their home and family which will also ensure emotional sustainability along with following the protocols for the prevention of COVID. 

“Village Inc - A Village Enterprise” program shall help facilitate and catalyze this process.

This program shall facilitate the learning for youths on the development of entire business system right from soil health management to marketing & sales i.e. development and management of complete business cycle of the village through skilled youths as CEO’s of the villages.


Village Inc CEO Incubation Program

Best wishes,

Saurabh Gautam

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