Discover the Master Plan to Launch Your Village Enterprise for INR 5-10 Lacs Per Annum Revenue Mark with Quantum System Without Hassle of Finding Experts or Going to Training Centres or Leaving Your Job


Course Fee

Master Plan
Course Fee

999 INR

Go From Being Just an Aspiring Entrepreneur with Inconsistent Efforts to a Quantum Village Inc CEO Who Systematically Builds High Revenue Village Enterprise


By the end of Workshop, you will be able to “Develop Your Success Blueprint” so that

  • You could better visualize your agri business niche area.
  • You do not have to go through lengthy discussion sessions with experts.
  • You could start or re-align your agri business as you evolve.
  • You could successfully ideate or re-plan your agri startup.
  • You have competitive edge to launch profitable agri business.
  • You could design your agri business correctly.

 If You are Looking For Answers to Below Questions, Then You Should  Join This Course. This Course Solves Following Major Pains of Village Entrepreneurs.

 Want to start Agri Business but do not have any idea on what to do and how to do or start.

What will be the Business Model of my Agri Business? I do not have any understanding of business.

I have started my Agri Enterprise but do not know how to organise and manage it well.  

I can not afford huge fee of any expert and I personally do not have any knowledge and experience to plan my Agri Business or prepare a model.

 I want to start an Agri Based Enterprise after completing my studies. But I am not able to figure out the product or services that I should opt? 

What skill I need to develop to start my Agri Enterprise? Who should be part of my team? Where from I may get right expert?

I want to start some business along with my ongoing job that can be done from home with a very small capital investment. Is Agri Business a right option?

I want to enter into Agri based business but I want to do something other than farming directly. What should I do? What are the options? Who can rightly guide me?  

I am not able to convert my idea into a successful Agri Enterprise. I also do not know about future hurdles I may face and how to pre-plan to handle those hurdles?

After retirement I wish to start some business at a pollution free pure environment location and my first priority is to start an Agri based enterprise in village. But I do not have any knowledge & experience.

I want to do some online course to start my Agri Enterprise but I do not know from where to do this where I can learn in "Do It Yourself" mode in place of theoretical knowledge so that I could implement while learning?

How may I learn to start my Agri Enterprise without compromising my studies? I do not have time to join some other institution to learn. Also I want to learn at my own pace and convenience of time, place and money.

I want to take my Agri Business online. How to do it? Where may I find right expert? Can I do it myself after learning?

 Where from I may get Single Window solution for all of my knowledge, skill, experts and necessary products needs for my Agri Enterprise? After going through Youtube and Google , instead of clarity, ambiguity has increased.

 I had done some course on Agri Enterprise but now I need to refresh my learning . My pace of learning was not matching with coach's speed of teaching. Where will I find him again? And also, how will I arrange course fee again?



Bharat has 2.50 Lacs Gram Panchayats and 6.50 Lacs Villages.

14 Crores Farmers and 70 Crores Population lives in these villages.

Each farmer is an entrepreneur and each village is a business unit. But highly unorganized and operating at its lowest potential.

These villages are looking for CAPTAINS (CEOs) who could lead the business of the village to its full potential.

If you have the enterprising zeal and are ready to enter ONE OF THE MOST PROMISING CAREER OPTION, you are at the right place.

Agriculture Sector is the greatest and evergreen sector for livelihood, entrepreneurship and sustainable career.

If this gives you a kick and you think that you have the energy, talent and potential to lead a village (business unit) as its CEO then join this workshop.


3000+ Farmers Trained in Organic/Natural Farming

4000+ Rural Educated Youths Skilled in Soil Testing & Soil Health Management

1000+ SHG Women  Skilled in Soil Testing & Soil Health Management 

Worked with 20000+ Farmers in Various States on Numerous Subject of Their Interest

In 5 States, 20 District, 100+ Krishi Gurukulam Centres with Soil Testing Lab Established  

250+ Workshops for Farmers on Balanced Use of Fertilizers

50+ Master Trainers Developed (Soil Health Management & Organic Farming)

Worked with Farmers & Youths of 48 Districts in 6 States 

 1000+ Women Soil Health Managers Developed for the Villages

200+ Farmers Chaupals on Importance of Organic Farming & Soil Testing

Propagation of Bio-Gas Plants and Other Green Technologies among Farmers

1500+ Village Resource Persons Developed for the Knowledge & Skilling of Farmers