Marketing Automation of Agriculture Business


Workshop Curriculum

Our Field Experience In Training & Skilling

More than 3000 farmers skilled in Organic Farming. 12000 farmers training in pipeline

More than 4000 rural educated youths skilled in soil testing & soil Health Management

More than 1000 Self Help Group Women skilled in soil testing & soil Health Management

Worked with more than 20000 farmers in various states in Bharat for a number of interventions

Established more than 100 Krishi Gurukulams with soil testing labs in 20 districts of 5 states

More than 250 workshops for farmers on Balanced Use of Fertilizers

Skilled more than 50 master trainers for organic farming & soil health management

Having worked with farmers and rural youths in 48 districts of 6 states in Bharat

Developed more than 1000 Women Soil Health Managers for the villages

More than 200 Chaupals for farmers on Organic Farming & Soil Health Management

Propagation of Green Technology like Biogas Plant etc among farmers

Development of more than 1500 Village Resource Persons for Knowledge & skill needs of farmers